Don’t Deny Yourself

In everyone’s life there has been someone who hurt you, put you down, who never saw you or who betrayed you. These things will happen If they have not already. These things will take place in our span of life.

But regardless of the pain of the hurt don’t deny yourself the hope of true friendships, loving relationships and cooperative associations. Denying yourself these relationships only hurt you more. 

Believe me I know it’s hard to go forward fighting through the pain of the hurt done including at times battling depression but there is a benefit to feeling the feelings and at the same time not denying oneself relationship with others.

I know what I am speaking about is easier said than done. I guess that is my motivation for writing this piece.

I don’t think I have the answers to how to heal from the kind of pain and hurt betrayal or lies leave in the aftermath but what I do know is that NOT giving up on being in relationship with others despite the flaws and imperfections that manifested in past relationships is a good idea.

There is so much we get to learn as human beings all throughout our life. The key is to allow oneself to put these learnings into practical applications. 

We learn about each other from each other. If we throw in compassion, love, humility and respect our learnings will be profitably abundant.

Bjc➕, 4.17.17


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