Everyone Has a Story

I have a story and I know you have a story. Everyone has a story. One of the best things I have experienced as person, a counselor and spiritual support person is listening to people’s stories. Whether the person is a young child just beginning to talk or an elderly person sharing the experiences of their life, it a wonderful experience to listen to them.

Listening is not always easy. Being attentive to someone who is telling you something important about their life can be difficult but
they are choosing to share parts of their story with you.
What a privilege.

When I provide spiritual support to people I always keep these 3 things in my heart and mind: 1. They are choosing to share parts of their life (feelings) with me which means they are trusting me and choosing to be vulnerable. 2. I remember how I feel when I am listened to by a supportive person. 3. I keep myself. uncluttered and free from judgemental or negative thoughts about what the person is sharing.

Hearing someone is different than listening to someone. Hearing is a auditory function done with our ears but I like to think listening is done with our spiritual ears and heart.

Today I invite you to allow yourself to listen to the people who have chosen you to tell their deepest secrets or stories about their life.

Oh ya, one more thing. Listening does not mean offering your opinion about what a person just shared with you. If a person wants a suggestion or feedback they will offer you the invitation to give it to them.

However, empathy and compassion can go along way.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, feel free to leave them or contact me.

Peace & Blessings,

Bjc➕, 4.22.17

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