Today’s Meditation

Focus Scripture: John 20:19-31

The joy of this particular Scripture is that Jesus has risen and shows Himself to His disciples to breathe on them and to send them. What a blessing! By faith we celebrate Jesus’ victory over death which is our victory. Amen.

Thomas is like many of us before we began to believe. We doubted. We needed to see something tangible before we could believe. And like Thomas we encountered Jesus then there was no more doubt.

Everyday we are confronted with things that we believe and trust even though we can not see them. We trust light will come on when we touch the light switch. We believed and trust when we order food it will be prepared in a sanitary way. We trust that the sky will stay where it is and that the earth will remain under our feet. Why is it so hard to believe and trust in Jesus Christ?

Jesus tells Thomas blessed are those who come to believe but have not seen. Those of us who come to believe even though we have not seen are blessed.

I invite you all to expect to see our Savior manifest in magnificent ways. Perhaps a door you thought was closed will be open to you. That money you needed will be waiting for you just at the right time. The sadness or pain you have been in is lifted. Medications could not take it away but the healing presence of Jesus showed up.


Thank you Lord for breaking the grip of death for every believer.

Although sometimes there is doubt in our hearts You come Lord showing up just in time showing us who You are forevermore. Our heart are then made secure in the truth that You are our Lord.

We rejoice in this knowledge. Our faith unshakable and our minds made up. You are the Son of God, You went to the cross to bear our sins and died but Glory!, death could not hold You. You rose on the third day. By faith You showed Yourself to the disciples and they believed. Thomas believed once he had seen and many signs and wonder not written done were done by You my Lord.

May our minds and hearts continue to stay focused on You Lord so that we walk by faith not by sight.

In Jesus Name, amen.

Bjc➕, 4.23.17


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