A Poem: LOVE’S Embrace

Once I looked into my tears that pain had produced.

I saw fear and holding it’s hand was doubt.

These emotions overwhelmed my heart from the start, anxiety governed my day and restlessness my night.

Then I realized the fight was not mine alone, bowing my head I went to Him my God instead.

Through my prayers I saw His majestic grace, His light of clarity could not be escaped

I looked again and saw the truth of where I had been, where I am and where I will be.

On my knees I thanked my God for the many possibilities in that His closed doors opened many more.

He held me even when fear tried to silence me establishing me in a faith that took the place of all that wanted me to escape reality.

In the warmth of His love I saw the flower that I am receiving the rays of the sun bright vibrantly emitting a fragrance that only my God could produce.

Fear and doubt have no home in me as long as the Holy Spirit resides in me.

I rest in this knowledge, LOVE is my guard surrounding me is grace and mercys’ embrace.


Bjc➕, 4.25.17


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