the Waiting Season

When things are not going well I know what to do. I go to God in prayer for myself and for others. I meditate on His Holy Word. I remove myself from any distractions that I may be able to hear God speaking to me in the various ways at His disposal. I listen. Get quiet within myself. I recall the struggles I had in the past and how God brought me through. I worship God.

When things are going well. I pray for others and I thank God for His grace and mercy. I reflect on the moments or days when things were not as I wanted them to be and the many moments and days I saw God’s hand move in my life. I meditate on a particular Scripture that expresses my joy and the love in my heart. I worship God.

But what do I do when nothing’s really wrong. When things are just ok. What do I do when my needs are met even though some of my desires or requests have not been fulfilled.


In my waiting season I hope to continue to pray for myself and for others. I hope to know God is present even though my senses tell me something different.

In my waiting season I will have a heart of gratitude. I will love and listen. I will hope. I will stay anchored to the Lord. I will rejoice for my God has blessed me in many ways some known and seen and a lot of blessings already done but not seen yet.

In my season of waiting I will love fiercely and show mercy. I will not let the world distract me from my calling. I will be centered in my faith and know my God is on the throne of grace.

I will honor my God in my waiting season. I will worship in His presence.

Bjc➕, 4.29.17


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