A Reflection: Acts 6:8-15


The light of the Spirit can not be hidden. It’s not meant to be hidden. In Stephen’s case it shown through him not only for all to see but also through the acts of power the Spirit made manifest through him.
Does this sound familiar in your life? Do people come up to you because they see that there is something about you. What they are seeing is the light and power of the Holy Spirit resting upon you.

Like those Freedman in this Scripture, there will always be people who want to put out that light that they see. Their hearts are hardened and worst than that they claim the light to be yours and refuse to see it’s the Holy Spirit shining through.

People like these Freedman could be people that are very close to you in your family, friends, pastors or even other church members who have become jealous or scared of the truth and the light that you speak and represent. Starting trouble by spreading rumors and causing upheaval is the natural progression for someone who has animosity inside them. We pray for them.

Like Stephen, we keep being and doing as the anointing will allow. People will continue to see the Spirit work within us and know they have no power over what they did not give. The wisdom, light and power of the Spirit is undeniable. Praise God.

Barbara J. Couch, MDiv.

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