A Poetic Musing

Stillness written by
Barbara J. Couch, MDiv.

Stillness in the quiet
Brings complete connection
With the inanimate and

Peace lives in the stillness,
Thoughts come and go.
Tranquility has encompassed
All that I am, not thinking
About what was or what shall be.

No chaos. No hussle or bussle.
Just the quiet noise hums
Not numbing but setting a
Melody of song heard
Only in the stillness of

I listen. I comprehend. I exist
In this cocoon ready made
At 2:36 am. I float in the
Ooze of this exquisite silence
My heart in rhythmic balance

I cherish this oasis and the
Bounty it brings.
I settle into its inviting arms
To rest all of me waiting for
nothing, having everything
I am at home in this grace
A space of tranquility and quiet


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