Thank You for Your Prayers

Hey Everyone, 

I made it through hurricane Irma in Southwest Florida. We just got our power turned back on after two days. I thank God and praise Him for bringing me through this rough and hard time. He blessed me through the whole experience. 

Thank you all for your prayers. Love you,

Barbara J Couch, MDiv.


Giving Birth…Amazing!!!

I just wanted to take a moment and give God thanks and praise for the extraordinary things He has done in my life and in the life of others and for how wonderfully He created human beings specifically women in terms of giving birth. 

Giving birth is such an amazing thing. Parenting is also a tremendous thing for those who are honored to raise a child or children.

Blessings and Peace to parents and women who give birth. 


My Father is Awesome!

I just wanted to praise God for His provision. I want to publically praise my Father because He loves me deeply. I want to praise my Father for thinking of me and giving me the gift of Jesus Christ and His finished work and the power of His resurrection which I have hope in eternally.

I bless the Father that He has closed and opened doors in my life. He has given me the best in everything. I praise my Father that His Holy Spirit dwells in me teaching me the truth about all things.

THANK YOU FATHER FOR YOUR LOVE THAT ENFOLDS ME; CONNECTS ME TO ALL THAT IS YOURS. I step into Your blessings, provision and the ministerial office You have given me trusting that You have equipped me well to serve my sisters and brothers joyfully.
I am blessed to be a blessing indeed.