What or Who Leads You?

There are so many negative distractions (alcohol, drugs, emotions, over eating, relationships, lust, spending money, etc.) that we often open the door to and let lead us but today, I invite you to let go of negative distractions and open your heart to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Blessings & Peace,

Barbara J Couch, MDiv.

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Today’s Meditation 

​I wait for the Lord, I expectantly wait, and in His word do I hope.

Psalm 130:5 (AMPC)

In this world of “quick fixes” and “hurry up” it is hard to focus ones attention on God and waiting on Him for wisdom, direction or for prayers to be answered. I invite you to walk by faith not by sight. Trust in God for everything. Have patience and look forward to God moving in your life. 

Blessings and Peace,

Barbara J Couch, MDiv.

Today’s Meditation

​”In Him we have redemption [that is, our deliverance and salvation] through His blood, [which paid the penalty for our sin and resulted in] the forgiveness and complete pardon of our sin, in accordance with the riches of His grace”


Today, I invite you to reflect on how good God is in giving us so much through His grace and mercy. Praise God!!!