Praying Does a Person Good

James 5:16(AMP)

Therefore, confess your sins to one another [your false steps, your offenses], and pray for one another, that you may be healed and restored. The heartfelt andpersistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) can accomplish much [when put into action and made effective by God—it is dynamic and can have tremendous power].”

Good Morning All,

I hope your morning has been easy, hopeful and full of whatever you may have needed.

For some people asking to be prayed for or sending out a prayer request can seem like you’re not doing anything or that it’s kind of strange. In my world, asking for prayer is normal and never seen as something strange. In fact, I take it very serious. It’s my privilege to pray with you and for others.

If you have prayer requests for yourself or for someone else, please feel free to let me know. You can contact me via WordPress, Twitter, Email or Facebook .

If you need ongoing support through a tough time or help with spiritual concerns, feel free to contact me anytime.

Blessings and Peace,

Barbara J Couch, MDiv.


You Are so Important

Hello Everyone!

I really appreciate those of you who have visited and or are following my blog on WordPress.  Thank you for your “comments” and “likes”. Feel free to checkout  my page on Facebook or privately email me with questions or prayer requests.

I would love to hear from you. Until then,

Blessings and peace,

Barbara J Couch, MDiv.

Blessings in Disguise 

We often try to figure out why other human beings do this or that especially when there is an argument, disagreement or someone decides to end the relationship (or stop friending you on Facebook).  

Of course we care and want to make any offense right in the friendship or other intimate relationship but the fact of the matter is all we have to go on is what the person says to us or does not say to us (a person’s actions speak loudly) about the friendship.

Depending on where we are in our spiritual growth and maturity we may ponder the question of why for a long time especially when the other party gives little or no explanation.

What would happen if you just did not worry or get lost in your mind about anything even why the friend stop connecting. What if you just trusted the process of your spiritual life. Perhaps that person moving on from your life is a benefit to them and to you. This does not mean something negative but it could be a positive making room for the next person to enter your life to lift you up and accompany you in your spiritual growth.

I invite any of you that have experienced someone moving on out of your life or if your relationship has changed in someway, look at the full picture. Trust what the person has said or not said (or done). Open your mind and your heart to new spiritual experiences involving new people.

What do you think? Your feedback or comments are welcome.

Peace & Blessings, Bjc, 4.7.17